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  1. The primary objective of advertising in TLC Africa is to make Cable TV Service available and affordable to worldwide TV subscribers.
    And, to also provide commission sales job opportunities for the jobless young men and ladies in Monrovia and other African Cities.
    I stand corrected, but 3 out of 10 household have a need for Live TV or VOD streaming services plus more, and Global TV Now offers both options for the same low price of $20 monthly subscription, which covers two devices; includes one smart TV and a smartphone.
    The advantage of becoming a salesman enable you to become a free subscriber also, while earning $10 USD per sale.
    Do you know that small businesses such as restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and other professional offices need live TV to entertainw 1 thir customers with live sports events, premier move channels such a HBO, Show Tims, Cinimax, Stars? Well, they are your soft market. You could earn up to $500 per week if you are hard working, have good looks, and a smooth talker.
    I know that a lot of us rely on youtube for our entertainment needs, but it does not provides minuts by minutes live breaking news events.
    That is why most of our customers turn to us as an alternative low cost service provider.
    Sign up today.

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