5 thoughts on “Jahmale Medical Solutions “Your Health Matters”

  1. I recently visited Jahmale in January of this year when I pulled a muscle in my lower back. Being in Lib on vacation, I just wanted meds that would last me until I got back to the states. I went to a local drug store that recommended the strongest meds that had me passing out (sleep) five minutes after taking the pills. After two days of no relief, I met with Dr. Morris who checked me out and prescribed a different med with a lower dosage. I took the pills for a day and 1/2 and felt immediate relief. She told me the pills I was taking was for patients who had had back surgery. I just wanted to give a shout -out to her because she was very professional and took care of my pain. Thank you Dr. Morris.
    Note of caution, be careful of what you’re getting at the drug stores…. if you don’t feel right, its probably not the best meds for you.

  2. Im a Registered Nurse in Georgia and will love to visit your facility when I get home in November. Very Excited to learn about your accomplishments
    and establishment in Liberia. Keep it up.

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