1 thought on “Deferral of Enforced Departure Extended for Liberians

  1. I will like to thanks the President of America to extend the period for Liberian IN the America to be here until 2024. but that is not enough Mr. Joe Biden. If, only you would grant them citizenship. Liberia is a messed up now and days no better sanitation, in terms of good bring water.just imagine somebody who has been here three conservatives decade children going to higher institute of learning. colleges, university and making contribution to the America’
    As for me I’m a naturalize American citizen. I was fortune to had won the DV when it was first introduced to the nation ,Liberia. I’m enjoying the freedom here. better medication whenever, I’m ill, better drinking water. I’m able to purchase a vehicle on my own I would never had if I was still in Liberia. don’t get me wrong I’m not rich but, I can afford to Purchased items in my reach. these are some of the reasons we want to be here to able to sustains ourselves not to look up to friends to for help, this is what we are talking about the American dreams. We dream big and bigger every days of the weeks and years to comes.

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