3 thoughts on “Ebrom M. Gono

  1. Our Condolences to your family we truely feel your pain you’re going through and will continue to keep you all in our prayer 🙏

  2. My condolences to the family I just heard this tragic news today he was my brother and great friend may God bless him and his family he was a great man!! Rest in paradise my brother!

  3. Ebrom was my only dearest real brother I ever had in my life, whom I had the indeed pleasure of knowing since I was 7 yrs old. We went to the same grade school, we played video games till the wee hours of the morning, he taught me about the birds and the bees, he was a huge rap/hip hop fan, you couldn’t tell him anything about BIG DADDY KANE. Ebrom was a unique individual who had his own distinct walk (LOL), talk, and his own mind. He enjoyed drawing sketches of action figures, turntable scratching, freestyling, along with being a deep thinker as he taught me a few things that I later experienced in my latter adult life. The month of July will forever be a bittersweet month for me due to the combination of my birthday and the memory of his homegoing. I miss him very much along with my father (Saku Sillah), Auntie Edwina, Auntie Martha and will forever pray for their precious souls till we all meet again. Ebrom was a person that was HIS OWN PERSON and that is what I truly loved and admired about him like any little brother would. Forever in my heart and prayers, love you big bro forever!

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