3 thoughts on “Electing an Effective Board: Stopping the Insanity That Has Bedeviled Liberian Community Nonprofit Organizations for Half Century

  1. I think our Liberian community organizations should pay close attention to this article and begin to find ways to utilize the ideals proposed herein. There is no good reason, in my opinion, why Liberian communities, after more than 50 years of operation have nothing to really show (no real estate, no meaningful bank account, no life changing achievements in America or Liberia) for being in existence!

  2. Well written and very factual. One historical fact that needs to be noted here, is that humans do not like change and is because of the control purposes.

  3. This is a throughly and well- written article. The information within this article speaks to the very nature of the incapability to get our act together. Since the inception of the organization we should have at least one real estate that we can call our own. If we had that can you imagine the resources that we will have. We could use it for weddings, repasts, graduations, showers. Why is it that other African communities came come together and accomplish something that is beneficial for all masses of not only the own community but other communities and we as Liberians can not. We have the know how to do better but instead of unity we are destructive to each other. We need to build up and not tear down.

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