3 thoughts on “Liberia: US$806.5M restated budget passed

  1. The budget increase is good for the country, does the budget include funding for education and medical? In addition, the country is in dire need for waste management and communication infrastructures. I hope that the government invests in its most important asset, the people, through education and medical.

    1. Wishful thinking, they don’t have the vision to take this beautiful country and the people to the level of celestial development. Just a bunch of criminals.

  2. Thieves have just increased the budget at the expense of the Liberian people. Stealing in the next several days will now begin and after several months later, nothing regarding progress or development would have occurred as the division of the funds would have been effected at the detriment of our people. Hurry up, Hurry up, 2023 so that the Weah’s government can be given the boot as it rightly deserve.

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