3 thoughts on “Liberia’s Devastating Political Earthquake of August 15, 2022

  1. The swiftness with which the president acted to suspend the three officials gives the impression of shock and desire for accountability. Why didn’t the president act earlier when everything we’re hearing now is open secret? Anyone who has read the local dailies has been bombarded with very stories the US embassy acted upon. Is the justice system in Liberia blind and deaf

  2. Your statement that “The Liberian people will support the president in whatever decision he makes” is a bunch of BS. Why? Because the President a part of the problem. He’s the king of corruption! Do you think Weah didn’t know about the US$30,000 Twehway paid to Musician to Perform ‘Born to Win’ for Pres. Weah??

    Anyone who think that Weah isn’t the leader of these looters has his head in the sand and his butt exposed.

  3. Mr. Rufus S. Barry, II, I cannot agree with you more. Your article is excellently, and factually written. However, I strongly believe that If it had to take a foreign government (U.S.) to acknowledge to the Liberian government about the rampant corruption existing in Liberia, after a senior official of the Liberian government admitted to the corruption and stealing of the government for President to take a stand, is absolutely embarrassing and disgraceful. This shows that such toxic environment can be traced from the presidency down; therefore, the entire government MUST BE REPLACED.

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