1. Teteyo you were one of those mothers that is hard to find. You were an angel sent by God to the countless people ministered to when you counseled them, fed them, took them into your home, and the list goes on. Your home was a safe haven and a transition point for many of us during the Civil War in Liberia. You not only took people in during the war, but you fed everyone to their satisfaction, with your own money, and money that Matilda, Finda, Prince, and Tamba provided. When I brought my friend Simeon Smith, you had our food ready everyday. Both during the war and normal time in Liberia, if transfers came to your home, it was hard for them to tell the difference between your own children, and the others that lived with you. This was because you treated everyone one the same. You were a darling mother. When I graduated from BWI, you cooked and hosted family (Reverend and Mrs. Howard) that came from Monrovia. You, Matilda and Finda did so much to help my mother who could not do much for us her children. Teteyo, you cared so much for other people and their children. And I see this love in your children too. I could write a whole book about you and the Godly character you demonstrated by your lifestyle, but I have to stop here. I don’t have time to mention about your gift of singing. Your ministry of worship in singing brought people to the Lord. That gift you passed down to many of us, and we promise to continue to use it for our Lord Jesus.
    I love You so much Teteyo, and we will all miss you. Your daughter Zelda smiles all the time when she thinks and talks about you.
    Rest in God’s perfect peace. Your beloved nephew, Johnny

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