3 thoughts on “McGill writes Weah

  1. Legally, my opinion might not stand here, BUT, let’s raise the stakes!!

    We will agree that you are innocent until proven otherwise; however, if you are found to be guilty, you should be strapped to the pole on the beach (remember the 13) and shot. There is no greater deterence, I believe.

  2. Mr. McGill,the Liberian people are not all fools. You openly admitted to stealing from the country with the statement that it was okay as long as you used stolen funds in the country. You should have been investigated than. Instead it took sanctions from the US government to get Mr. Weah to act. Dishonesty from an official of your status must be becoming of a higher authority. As the saying goes ” when you pull rope, rope will also pull bush.” Sad to see that you have all not learned. Is a few years of social comforts worth what you might have to endure for your life? I sure hope not.

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