6 thoughts on “ Mrs. Etta Coleman Atuanya

  1. My deepest condolences to the Coleman, Atuanya & other members of the bereaved family.May she now begin the other portion of her journey. May life everlasting perpetually give her peace.

  2. The most quiet soul of all I have ever seen, may your soul rest in prefect peace mama, you will forever be ❤️ ,remembered for your peaceful life you have live here on this earth, you took my kids as your own grandkids, we all love and miss you, Moira, Shalom, Ade, and Lelah Robertson.

  3. Such a beautiful soul. Chata, Larvon, Helen, Helena, and the family…. Mama’s duties were completed with distinction. Her legacy lives on. Be Comforted doing your time of mourning.

  4. Mama Dee,
    The mystery name that only a child of 7yrs could recount. After being born in Knucklesville, but remembered nothing until I was brought back to Careysburg/Minersville (down the road). On one early morning, I heard a baby cry in my grandparent’s house. I asked my mother where did the baby come from? She responded that the airplane brought the baby, excitedly I said ohh, so the baby’s name is airplane baby. Later, I saw that Face, and remembered my Mama Dee, who was with Aunt Mary after the delivery. She has been my best friend, my confident, since then. Mama Dee our last unfinished project to which you gave no approval, is understood. I know your position was to protect me and I love your decision. We could not conclude, because of your relocation and communication issues. Believe me our secret remains between us. RIP 🙏⚰ my belove Mama Dee. You’re forever blessed 🙌. Your memories will linger over generations forever. Thank you for showing me unconditional love and I am very proud of my God children. May our Good Lord continue to help me to show them the unconditional love you blessed me with. Let our ancestors know that the problems at hand, will be resolved, that one day our leaders will return to the happy loving family ties that we nurtured and cherished from birth. Bye Mama Dee, may light perpetual shine upon your gentle soul. You’re forever missed. 💛

  5. Teta Dee, our lead charge nurse and midwife from Careysburg, good night yaaa. Your calm, caring and loving motherly tone will forever remain in our hearts. You have now gained your wings, if by any chance you have seen my parents and my brother Ben, please tell them that I miss them so very much!

  6. Dear Cousin Etta, you have been a caring, and loving Cousin. My sisters Yvonne, Cathy and myself enjoyed our good times together. The exchange of jokes and hearty laughter leave fond memories. You will always be remembered. Now that you are a part of God’s heavenly kingdom, it is good to be a child of God. Pray for us who travail on Earth. We love ❤️ you, Gwen

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