3 thoughts on “Pres. Weah Suspends Designated Officials “McGill, Twehway & Cyphus”

  1. So what’s the point of having all these Anti-Corruption agencies (GAC, LACC, PPCC, MOJ, FIU, etc) when Weah won’t listen to them, but listen the U. S Department of Treasury???

    On June 20, 2022, Frontpageafrica (newspaper) reported that “LACC Investigation Links Several Officials to Corruption, Conflict of Interest.” The article stated that the Queen of Kickbacks & Minister of Agriculture, “Honorable” Jeannie Crook-Per awarded a US$180,000 contract to a sham company, staffed by her corrupt cronies, and installed herself as an executive leader of the sham company with a big paycheck for herself!! Hey, Jeannie is high maintenance! But guess what happened to her??? Nothing! Yes, nothing! Weah had no time to read the LACC audit report, he was busy wining and dining, and dancing Buga!

    Under Weah, all these Anti-Corruption Agencies are useless bureaucracies! They exist in name only, but cost millions of dollars to the taxpayers!. Which raises the question: Why are we wasting money on them if Weah won’t do anything with their findings and recommendations?

  2. Tt should have happened when the mass protests took place in stead of waiting for America (big pa) to say something. No one listened at the average Liberian when they asked Weah to remove those guys including the finance minister. This would have helped the poor Liberians who have suffered under this admiration and have had a ripple effect on Liberians in the diaspora.

  3. This is long over due. Government should be for everybody not just one set of people. there are so many competent Liberians out there that are way codified than those that the president have than these individuals. when officials of government are corrupt, they should be dismissed and not to wait for the International community to tell you when everything is happening right in your nose. this is a shame not only to the government but the entire country. I hope that this will serve as an eye opener. there are so many others in this government that are even more corrupt than these three that needs to be removed but I guess its just the beginning of the clean up. These individuals are so bold to exhibit all these corrupt practices in the eyes of the Liberian people. so saaaad!

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