2 thoughts on “President Weah Signs Into Law Iconic Bills, Including Dual Citizenship Law

  1. Even though the dual citizenship law specifically bans “the president, minister of finance, central bank governor or holding high-level positions in the national security or law enforcement sector” from serving in the Liberian government, many, including the current CBL Governor secretly hold U.S Citizenship!

    It’s very foolish to deny our country the benefit of highly-skilled Liberians (holders of U.S passport) and their children who wants to go back home to work for our country or create economic opportunities for our people! Job creation cures poverty!! Also, It’s equally foolish to deny our country the benefit of lowly-skilled Liberians (nursing home assistants with green cards, DeVry degree holders and people majoring in soft subjects like political science and social work) living in the diaspora who wants go back home! God give all of us different talents and gifts to help our family and our fellow man if we chose to serve them. The Dual Citizenship law is long over due!

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