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  1. Under Weah, RIA has become a national disgrace and a total disaster, caused by government stupidity, incompetence and corruption. These people can’t even keep the airport runway lights on, for crying out loud! Besides that, their incompetence and stupidity could kill innocent people for nothing. It’s also costing the Liberian economy millions in loss investments and revenues. Who runs an international airport like that?? What RIA desperately need is a dose of entrepreneurial minds that can figure out ways to run it professionally and efficiently!. Please do not “Resuscitate RIA”….. Privatize it!!!!

    1. Hello Sackor.
      I am interested in the position.
      I studied logistics at the World Trade Insttute, NY, New York, 1 World Trade center, and have worked in the Ocean/Air Intermediaries industries for over 8 years. I am experienced in Imports Customs Entry complians, Import traffic coordination, and export documentation.
      I worked for the following companies in the past as references of my job knoweledge and experiences:
      Formerly (AEI) Air Express International, Acquaired by DHL
      Fritz, Company, Acquired by FedEX,
      Bax Global formely Burlington Air Express resespectively.
      My interest and objectives are to contribute to the improvement of the Liberian Customs clearance regulatory system on importations
      Establish dedicate new ports of arrivals and entrieses to alivates the current bottleneck crisis of containers being held up at ports of entries;
      Identifyand develope an air freight express tariff classification system for faster customs enteries: Establish an ACH Customs duties payment system to recapture 90.9% unrepoorted much neededLiberian Customs duties to improve the country national GDP. As it stands, only 45% is estimated to being reoprted while 45% evaporate in the hands of employees.

      Currently, I am developing African Express Freight Consolidated Shipping, LLC, a sea-land-air freight forwardiong company, in addition to managing amtaxwireless.com/ and globaltvnow.com/

      .Ggoogle the names for reference. We currently have more shipping needs than we can handle.
      Elvis K Tarkar

  2. Great article, Jusu! However, Liberia’s story is a never ending disappointing story. After all the bloodshed in the civil wars, you would think as a nation, we would rise and forge a new path of improvement and development continuously. Yet it seems the nation is forging a path of self inflicted injuries and the leaders – past and present, do not care. As long their(leaders) inner circle are taken care of or doing well, the rest of the nation citizens wellbeing is of little to no concern to them.

  3. I was very pleased to learn that someone took the initiative to provide open and well informative suggestions for our only international gateway to the world. The questions now for our government as well as the Airport Management are enormous in reality. Nevertheless, those suggested ideas and recommended suggestions can be achieved and improved on provided the Government Appointed Board of Airports (if there is any) considers its role in making RIA viable and profitable.

    Thanks Mr. Gow for your reference to Pam American Airlines in the late 60s and early part of the 70s . I was part of that generation growing up at the airport and still remember how Robertsfied (RIA) was and how it is today. Let us be reminded that we are no longer in the 60s & 70s. Government’s obligations and responsibilities today for the only International Airports should be the foremost priorities for the Liberian Government. My past experience with RIA as a Regional Manager for Air Liberia in both previous terminals, I never witnessed any rerouting of any scheduled flights to a neighboring country for landing. It’s time we take the Airport Business very seriously.

    1. Hi Mr. Daniels,
      Thanks for your comment here and a big thank you to your generation for doing an incredible job at the then RIA. I am sure your knowledge and expertise could be outsourced for guidance by the current airport leadership.

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