1. We had long days and nights during our college days. Baby E played his part. His memories shall remain evergreen.
    His labor is done and it’s that time for eternal rest.
    May the Lord console and comfort my sister Siah, the children and all who mourn his loss.
    Rest in God’s peace, Robert Ellis, III. 🙏🏾

  2. Wow Baby-E! What a shocking news this Wednesday afternoon. What an irreparable loss. We were so proud of your resilience and strength exhibited while growing up: Yatta and your peers found so much hope in you. Heard you got married and raised a family. More joy for us. But our Heavenly Father finds it fit to call you home now. We pray that Siah and the family take solace in the blessings of God, as you rest in the bosom of our Lord. Good bye Baby-E.

  3. Baby E, may your soul rest in perfect peace. To the family, sincere condolence on your loss🙏🏾

  4. BABY E, A dependable Member of the Use To Play Old Timers Basketball Team; a member of the Class of 1999-2000 BLOJAY of the University of Liberia. We bid you farewell brother, the strife indeed is over and the battle won. Go and take your rest. To Siah, Yatta and the rest of the bereaved families, i want to express my profound condolences for this irreparable loss. May his soul RIP

  5. This is such a sad time as mourn our dear brother and friend. Siah, may you and the family find peace in the beautiful memories of Baby E. and God’s unfailing love.

  6. Indeed the strife is over and the battle is won! Rest in peace Baby-E. My heartfelt condolences to Siah, the children, relatives, and CUAAA Scorpions.

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