1. George Manneh Weah challenged to suspend Jefferson Koijee. This is the challenge to you Mr. Weah. You are the president of the nation and if you want peace to prevail in Liberia, you need to take a stand now.

  2. Does Weah want another civil war?? The events of July 26 week have shown that Mayor Jefferson Hoodlum Koijee is a clear and present danger to our democracy! This is not Koijee’s first time flaunting the law. In the past, Koijee and his CDC goons have stopped productive people from going to work (blocked traffic), stopped students from going to school, vandalized private property, and assaulted innocent citizens. But Koijee has yet to be arrested for grossly violating the Constitutional rights of innocent citizens!!!

    Look, No democracy has ever survive without law and order. Even in the Western civilization, law and order was established long before democracy arouse. If Weah wants to keep the peace, he must enforce our laws against everyone including Mayor Jefferson Hoodlum Koijee If he doesn’t, then ready for another round of anarchy and tyranny!

  3. Mr. Koijee is on record of saying that he believes in brutality and heinous crimes when he recently boasted that”,,,,,any day that will be announced here by anyone((“Day announcing a peaceful demonstration) we want to say to you SIMILAR DAY will be announced by us(The Youth League of the CDC) and WHERESOEVER you are, we WILL ALSO BE THERE AND WE WILL MEET IN FLESH AND BLOOD, so as Liberians and to see exactly whether you have got THE CAPACITY TO PROTECTING OUR PEACE.”
    This is Mr. Weah’s city mayor and the CDC militia Youth League of the CDC threatening violence in “flesh and blood” against the Liberian people and University Students. We ask the American Ambassador to ask President through the State Department to withdraw or rescind his invitation to President Weah, as Weah is hardened Dictator who does not believe in human rights as his government is in the business of brutalizing students, and that his government has failed to bring to justice ritualistic killers with body parts gone missing from several of the victims, the death of the sons of two former Liberian Presidents, and many other deaths for ritualistic purposes, and the recent beatings on camera of the University of Liberia student who is presently in hospital fighting for his life. Weah is a human right violator and should not be invited to such a forum composed of the civilized community. Mr. Weah is a villain and must be treated as such.

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