2 thoughts on “‘Stealing from Govt and Building Here in Liberia is Good’ – Nathaniel McGill

  1. In McGill’s mind, it’s “good” to steal from the Liberian people and build your house in Bong County, but it’s “bad” to steal and open a Swiss Bank account!! . Either way you look at it, McGill is a damn rogue!!!

  2. “You know, to raise this L$25 million is very simple.”
    The stolen money is now being used to buy votes.

    Pro-Poor Agenda:
    Item No. 1: Steal the container of money from the Freeport.
    Item No. 2: Build our compounds and mother’s tombs…..
    Item No. 3: Keep the people poor so that they can keep begging us.
    Item No. 4: Share the stolen money with CDC sympathizers and let the other citizens die.

    These guys will have to be held accountable for the stolen container of money.

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