2 thoughts on “‘Stealing from Govt and Building Here in Liberia is Good’ – Nathaniel McGill

  1. “You know, to raise this L$25 million is very simple.”
    The stolen money is now being used to buy votes.

    Pro-Poor Agenda:
    Item No. 1: Steal the container of money from the Freeport.
    Item No. 2: Build our compounds and mother’s tombs…..
    Item No. 3: Keep the people poor so that they can keep begging us.
    Item No. 4: Share the stolen money with CDC sympathizers and let the other citizens die.

    These guys will have to be held accountable for the stolen container of money.

  2. In McGill’s mind, it’s “good” to steal from the Liberian people and build your house in Bong County, but it’s “bad” to steal and open a Swiss Bank account!! . Either way you look at it, McGill is a damn rogue!!!

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