7 thoughts on “The New Clay Ashland Bridge, Washed Away by 3 Days of Heavy Rain

  1. We should not allow draftsmen and carpenters to design and build our bridges. Leave the design and construction of these kinds of structures to the experts. There are too many factors to consider when designing and constructing such a structure.

  2. This only shows the ineffectiveness of our so-called engineers. These fraudsters claim to have civil engineering degrees, and still, cannot construct a simple, durable, and firm little Township bridge. Can we imagine if they were to build a bridge over a large river. OMG! Over 200,000 individuals would lose their lives. These guys can’t even build a “PLANK BRIDGE”, but yet, are paid to build a little township walkway, yet, ate the funds, causing a little rain to destroy. Liberia needs to wake up to these fraudsters.

    1. Thomas Worjroh, was this structure designed and constructed under the supervision of our “so-called engineer” that you know of? Did the town consider the consultancy of an engineer before carrying out this project? There are many well-learned Liberian engineers currently in the country, but we fail to consider their expertise because we do not want to hire or pay them. So, please do not bad mouth our engineers.
      All structure designs are to be reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Public Works before construction. Was the design of this collapsed bridge submitted to the Ministry of Public Works for review and approval?

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