4 thoughts on “Weah tries to distance himself from CDC-COP

  1. The Senate Committee on Defence, National Security, and Veteran Affairs has asked President Weah to take action by suspending Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee, but up to date, no action has been taken.
    President Weah asked the Minister of Health to tend to the victims at the expense of the government. That’s good!
    In as much as the president could ask the Minister of Health to tend to the victims, he failed to ask the Ministry of Justice to take any action. The president did not call for the instigators and perpetrators of this violent act to be brought to justice. Mr. President, your ruling Party, and government does not appear to be peaceful, respectful, or tolerant. Mr. President, you have always been silent when it comes to instilling justice and discipline.
    This too shall come to pass and you may find yourself on the other side of the fence someday. Just my little thought.

  2. They deserve what they ask for, from the start to the end. No question or whatsoever. I never saw people, go protest during their county independence day. Everybody knows exactly who the send them.

  3. Good Day Mr. President,
    I must congratulate you for the infrastructural developments and your efforts to stabilize the country.
    Please free yourself of the one mistake you made after your ascendancy to the office of President of our great country. Your honor, Government ( CIVIL SERVICE) positions are not appointed by the President.
    To correct this, now is the time to mandate all officials appointed to these positions, to have themselves certified with eligibility requirements from the Civil Service prior to the next election, if they want to retain their positions. Otherwise, you must and should make future decisions based on appointments from Civil Service candidates on the waiting list. This will free you from the blame game. We did it during President Tolbert’s ‘MAT TO MATRESS’ successful project that brought Liberia back to a rising standard among powerful nations. Just my way of saying thank you. Changing a party’s name is only of value if the ideology is changed. I am proud to be a Liberian and look forward to joining you soon.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Rose Knuckles Bull
    Former: Principal Analyst Testing (Civil Service, Liberia)
    Evaluation Specialist,
    IEL, Min. Educ., LiB
    Former: Principal
    LASS, Yekepa
    HMHS, Harbel,
    Retired : Job Opportunity
    Specialist, HRA, NYC

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